Manus Products

KNUT developed the response, customer-facing Manus Products website. The website is multilingual, featuring videos, images, documents and more. All site content, code and media is managed within the KNVEY web platform. This was a turn-key development project, involving asset production development, JavaScript and HTML5 development, QA testing, and more. The KNUT team continues to work closely with Manus Products to manage the site on an ongoing basis.


KNVEY document management


KNUT team provides ongoing site maintenance


Multilingual site with translator functionality


Manus Products

  • Website Built with the KNVEY Web Platform
  • Multilingual site 
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Design
  • Asset Production
  • JavaScript Development
  • Document manager
  • PDF Document Manager
  • Media Manager
  • QA Testing Process

The KNUT team continues to provide ongoing support for the customer-facing Manus website, maintaining a multi-year long relationship.

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